Over time all analog tape deteriorates, which causes picture loss and eventually the tape will no longer be viewable. However, Digital formats such as DVD do not suffer from this problem.

So if you don’t want to loose your precious home movies, sporting events, performances, or wedding videos forever; convert them today!

Besides who still uses a VCR?

    Digital signal is an exact value unlike Analog which is in wave form. This is the reason for tape variations and it's also why you need a tracking button on your VCR! Below is a visualization of the difference between Analog and Digital signal.


    For tape media we use two different methods. Our recommended method is to Professionally digitize through our computer hardware and software. This captures the footage at the highest level possible in this case it is in the 4:2:2 color space. This eliminates loosing any quality in the transfer. The second method is a very basic automated machine transfer  of the footage to a DVD disc.


    Film formats are transfered through a dark room and our professional digital capture camera and two way screen. This footage is captured in a 4:2:0 color space which is the same as some HD formats. This allows for an accurate representation of the film footage.

Our Process

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Digital formats handled:

Digital 8





Analog formats handled:





Beta Tape SP


Super 8mm

and more!

Basic VHS to DVD    $ 11.99/tape

Plus VHS to DVD      $ 17.99/tape

Pro VHS to DVD       $ 19.99/tape

All other Analog formats   $ 9.99/hr

Digital formats                      $ 9.99/hr


Stop fiddling around with a camcorder to watch your videos!
Digitize your home videos today

Sporting events, Performances, Wedding Videos, and Home Movies

Visions Production House  |  theVPH  |  304.377.8036  |  info@thevph.com

What it includes

Basic:  Straight Transfer to DVD, no chapters or menus.

Plus:  Digital Conversion to DVD with DVD menu and no chapters.

Pro:  Digital Conversion through professional digitizer to DVD,  customized chapters, menus, Enhanced picture and sound, Option to Add music.

Other Analog:  Digital conversion to DVD with menu and no chapters.

Add $5/hr for Pro.

Digital formats:  Capture and encode to DVD includes chapters and basic chapter markers.

Add music and custom chapters $5/hr.

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